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FAQ's - Häufig gestellte Fragen

1. Even though you have received my return, I have not received my refund yet.

Please note that the processing time of a return takes three to ten business days to be completed. We would ask you to contact us again briefly, if you have not received your refund within this allotted time frame.

2. I have already written several times, but I haven’t received a response yet.

All emails are answered within 24-48 hours of order that they are received. The e-mails are sorted according to the date and time of receipt. If you send us a message again before we have answered your first message, then your entire correspondence as well as your new message will put back in the queue. It might seem like that the more messages that you send the sooner you will receive an answer; however, this is not the case - it will only delay the process even more. We ask you therefore to wait for the answer to your first email, so we can take care of your concerns/questions as quickly as possible.

3. How can I exchange an item?

We are unable to exchange any products. All returned items will be refunded as soon as they have arrived with our return department. If you would like to exchange items for a different size or color, you must place a new order.

4. Can I change the size/color even after the auction ends?

This is generally not possible. When submitting a bid, eBay repeatedly points out to read the complete item description, since you are about to enter into a binding contract. If you have bought the wrong size or color, we can just cancel the order of this item. We will not make any changes, as size and color are always clearly indicated.

5. How does combined shipping work?

Please click AFTER purchasing the last item on "Pay Now". Your items are then automatically combined into one order with only 1 shipping charge. If this does not automatically happen, then please send us an email and we will send you your invoice.

6. After I completed my purchase, I received a newsletter from you - now all items that I bought are cheaper! Can I get the discount?

Your newsletters are daily offers. In order to show fairness towards all other customers, it is not possible for us to give you the discount subsequently.

7. I missed your newsletter offer deadline. Can I still purchase the items to the offered price?

These offers are valid only during the specified period. Subsequently, it is; therefore, no longer possible for you to use this offer.

8. I ordered using multiple eBay accounts. Could you combine it all into one order, so I only pay for shipping once?

Since they are different accounts, it is not possible to combine them into one order. It does not matter even though the delivery address is the same everywhere.

9. There wasn’t a return slip in my package - how can I return the goods?

For the love of the environment, we do not provide return tickets in the package, since not all are used. You can create a return slip easily on our website at under "returns" – you will need your customer and invoice number. If you no longer have the data, you are welcome to email us at to receive the data.

10. Can I return the goods without paid postage??

Please do not send goods back to us without paid postage. This creates huge postage costs, which we will not carry. These costs will be deducted from your refund. You can easily create a return form on our website under "Returns" - it is therefore not necessary to return the goods without paid postage. If you have questions about creating a return label, you can email us at

11. Can I change my shipping address?

Unfortunately this is not possible because after we receive each order and its payment, our system automatically send the order to our shipping department for processing. Please review your shipping address always before you complete your order and make your payment.